John Mayalls Bluesbreakers – So Many Roads: An Anthology

John Mayalls Bluesbreakers was the finishing school for Brtish blues rock guitarists. They worked hard touring their version of the blues extensively in the UK and worldwide, gaining great acclaim in the process, but rarely the massĀ attention that many of these names would be attracting a year after leaving the band. But this was of course the aim; to play pure blues, for blues’ sake. This is the best decade of the bluesbreakers, and this compilation contains some of the best musicianship of the period. Unless you have the original albums, this compilation is a must

2 thoughts on “John Mayalls Bluesbreakers – So Many Roads: An Anthology

  1. It’s got three of the best guitarists the UK could offer, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor – and arguably at their bluesy best. I cut my teeth on the original vinyl versions of these tracks. Probably one of the best CDs available for any aspiring blues rock guitarists. A+++

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